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Property Ownership Approval for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia

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If you're a non-Saudi individual looking to buy property, you'll need to request a permit from the Saudi Ministry of the Interior before making the purchase.

This process typically takes between 7 to 30 days and should be done online.

Please note that this article is designed for individuals, not foreign companies. Foreign companies should apply directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Requirements for property ownership in KSA

To be eligible for property ownership in Saudi Arabia, you should meet the following criteria:
- Hold a valid Saudi Residence Permit (Iqama).
- Have a stable financial status.
- Be well-established in the kingdom for at least 10 years.
- Have your family already established in Saudi Arabia.
- Intend to use the property as your family residence.
- Plan to invest your salary in Saudi Arabia.
- Provide the necessary documents (you will find the list below)

Steps to get approved

To register, you will use Absher, which is an online platform and mobile application used in Saudi Arabia that provides various e-government services to Saudi citizens and residents.

You can scan and submit these documents electronically.

The process is quite straightforward:
- Log into your Abshir account (as Individual).
- Choose "My Services."
- Then, select "Public Services."
- Click on "Request to Own a Property for Non-Saudis."
- Complete the Property Request Form.
- Upload the requested documents (as listed below).
- Check the "Terms and Conditions" box.
- Finally, click "Submit."

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Documents needed

We have built a table to make it clear for you.

Document Description Comments
Cover Letter List Property Type Area Specific Address
Copy of Current Passport & Copy of First Passport Used On Entry To Saudi Arabia Scanned Copy Scanned Copy of Each
Copy of Applicant’s And Spouse’s Residency Permit (Iqama) Scanned Copy Scanned Copy of Each
Copy of the Birth Certificate of Each Child In The Family Translations into Arabic and stamped Using Translation Services Office. Cost: SR 50 - SR 80
Employment Verification Letter With Salary & Employment Character Reference Verification Letter Available at HR
Certificate from the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) Insurance Certificate The certificate details the applicant’s insurance contributions.
Stamped Bank Statement Bank Statement The statement details at least 6 months worth of salary transfers.
Copy of Property Deeds Property Deeds The Property You Wish To Buy
Copy Of Building Permit Building Permit The Permit For Building On A Plot
Copy of A Survey Report(Shaikh Al Aqar) Survey Report For The Property/Land You Wish To Buy
Building Plan Property Plan A plan detailing property dimensions, municipality building number, area and street names and obvious landmarks.